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Plan for a safe fun edible experience

Dosage Guide

What's the right dose?

Knowing how much THC is the correct amount is the key to enjoyable edibles. This dosage chart provided by Leafy is a good place to start (click the image). In the US where recreational cannabis use is legal, each State has set a maximum amount of THC per serving. Oregon has set 5mg of THC as the maximum amount allowed in a single serving and in Colorado 10mg is considered a recreation single dose. Based on the chart, 15mg is a good target, however if you don't use cannabis on a regular bases, start with 5mg/serving.

As the average chronic user has no way of measuring the levels of THC in their fresh herbs or what’s left after vaporizing so it’s best to start out slow. It’s also very important to remember that while 5mg may not get you baked, for someone else it could be a very strong dose. When cooking for others keep the dose low. It’s better to plan a few courses over a couple of hours layered with extracts rather than trying to get it all into a single dish. Start out with an appetizer, let your guests enjoy the flavors and the food. Have a beverage, smoke a bowl and then begin the main course. After eating, relax, talk, give yourself another hour before digging into desert. If some of your guests are feeling the effects before you get to the main course, make sure you have a weedless option for them, for desert consider putting the cannabis in the sauce, or served as a side so people can opt out if they are already feeling good.

If you can, have some straight CBD on hand just in case someone isn’t able to handle the THC. CBD will counter the THC, reduce the high and make you sleepy. See the chart of THC:CBD ratios and effects. Just remember that THC abd CBD work together. THC gets you high, CBD doesn't and in fact it counteracts the THC. (Play video, this is the result of too much THC and not enough CBD).

What’s the right dose? Hard to say as there are a number of factors to consider. For example, your gender, weight, height, how often you smoke cannabis, how often you eat cannabis, your digestive system’s ability to break down lipids, the quality of the cannabis, the strain, the way you vaped if using ABV, and a few other factors I’m sure I’m forgetting right now.

So how do you determine the dose for you?

Lets look at the chart. The first range 1 - 2.5 mg THC says it is for 'micro-dosing' and/or inexperienced/first time users. Micro-dosing means having several small does over a period of time rather than having a single larger dose. At 2.5 -15 mg all users will feel the effects of THC. The effects can range from euphoric to feeling impares coordination and perception. Amounts of 15-30 mg are for experienced users and those who have developed tolerance to edibles. Doses exceeding 30 mg should be taken very carefully by very experienced users only. 

Most bud butter recipes call for 1/2 oz. of pot to a pound of butter. The potency of this butter will vary greatly depending on a few different factors. Did you use an oz. of fresh OG Kush broken down and carefully decarboxylated, or were you able to get an oz. of shake from your dealer that is made up of many varieties of plant material and kief? Or have you carefully saved up an oz. of ABV weed?

If you are working with ‘virgin’ buds, either whole or shake there will be more THC available than there would be with ABV, however all three will fuck you up if treated carefully. The method for determining how much is enough is the same. As an example let’s say you cooked up some Bud Butter as the medium for the cannabinoids (it could be coconut oils, or any other extraction) you need to determine at what dose you start noticing the effects. Taking in to account the base material, extraction method etc, assume that your product is potent. Treat it with respect and start with a ¼ teaspoon (if you are completely new to this), a ½ tsp for those that know what they can typically handle. Give it 90 minutes. For some the effects will start in 30-45 minutes, the majority will start feeling the THC an hour to 90 minutes later, and others can take upwards of 2 hours to feel the full effect. So be patient or you may end up topping up before the first dose has had a chance and you’re likely in for a long couple of hours and a nap. If you are doing this on a day when you are able to get up early and start testing then after 2 hours have a second dose, same as the first. If after 2-4 hours you’re not feeling any effects, there is a good chance you fucked up the decarb process and have a pound of butter that tastes like weed, but no high.

For those testing out their AVB stash, things are a little easier. If you happen to have some leftover chili, curry, or any other fat rich foods grind up .5 grams of your ABV and mix it into the food. Warm the food slowly in the microwave and enjoy. Depending on the flavor profile of the food and the way you vape your weed you may or may not taste the herbs in your meal. Give yourself time before having more. Same rules as earlier. Wait at least an hour before having a second dose. Also remember it takes hours for your body to clear the cannabinoids out of your system, so take your time, you’re not going to be starting over if you feel nothing after an hour. The second dose will build on the first even if not a very strong dose.

For the home cook, homemade oil extractions will have the greatest amount of variation in potency. This is due to the fats used, the quality of the weed, the extraction time and how well decarboxylated your weed is. The strain or strains involved will also affect the type of high you experience. Having attempted oil and butter extractions in the past, we know that your results will vary from batch to batch and person to person. A batch of brownies that had no effect on me turned one guest into a paper weight for several hours. A plate of Nachos that got me feeling really good resulted in the same guest missing most of the next day. A ¼ tsp of ABV for one person may be a good dose, another person may need close to 5 times what someone else does.

All information provided is sourced from around the WWW and while we try to verify everything it is important to understand that this information may be incorrect or incomplete.

We do not promote illegal use of cannabis. Please adhear to the laws in your area.

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