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Converting THCA


Cannabis flower spread out for the oven

Step 2

Prepare your equipment.

Oven Method: Using your oven you can decarb your cannabis and activate the THC. This method is quick but does smell.

Water method: Using a pot of boiling water and a mason jar. This method takes a little longer, but no odors.

Wet Decarb: This is decarboxylating and extracting in one step. Steps are the same as with the previous method for decarbing.


Step 1

  1. Figure out which method you are using
  2. Get your weed
  3. Clean it, break it down a little, big nugs will take much longer to heat and decarb

The mason jar method
Decarbed weed will be brownish.

What if I don't Decarb?

THCA is commonly being used as a nutritional supplement and dietary enhancer for its:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties to help with conditions like lupus and arthritis
  • Antidiabetic properties, reducing the risk of developing early onset diabetes
  • Neuroprotective properties to treat neurodegenerative diseases
  • Antiemetic properties to battle loss of appetite and nausea

What now?

Get your stuff together and start decarbing

Before & After

The weed on the left is before, the weed on the right after.

Oven Method

Get an oven thermometer, put it in your oven and set the oven to 240 F (115 C). When the oven says it is at temp, check your thermometer and adjust the temerature up or down as needed. Make a pouch with parchment paper and place your weed in the bag, close it up (a stapler works great). Place your weed pouch into the oven and set a timer for 45 min. Remove and cool when done.

Mason Jar/Water Method

Bring a pot of water to a boil. In a steralized mason jar add your herb, close the jar and place in boiling water. Reduce to a simmer for 2 hours. Remove after 2 hours.

Decarb & Extract in one step

It may be possible to cut your time in half by decarboxylating while extracting. Bong Appetit a show about cooking with cannabis on Vice has shown this method several times, extracting in to butter and coconut oil. Prepare your buds, you want small chunks, add your butter or coconut oil, close up the mason jar and simmer for 2 hours. Pretty much the same process as decarboxylating in a mason jar.

I'm not sure if this method works. Finding data that says yeah or nay is not easy. There are dozens of Ultimate Guide to.... all with different methods for decarbing and extracting using the same materials. It something to test down the road, stay tuned.

Extraction Recipes

All information provided is sourced from around the WWW and while we try to verify everything it is important to understand that this information may be incorrect or incomplete.

We do not promote illegal use of cannabis. Please adhear to the laws in your area.

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