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Blowing Smoke

One month in

How is Canada doing?

We are one month into legalization in Canada so how are we doing?

The first month has been rough for most. On October 17 online orders started coming in and Canada Post went on rotating strikes across Canada. On day one the Ontario Cannabis Store sold out of most strains available. Some users were notified that their orders were not available for others it was hard to find out why their orders never arrived. In general the Province of Ontario gets an F on month one. I can’t comment on the other provinces as good old CBC and CTV Ottawa have a very myopic view of Canada and the World for that matter. To find out more we need to dig through new sites as Google News only seems interested in the Stock Market as it pertains to cannabis in Canada.

Ontario under the Liberals had planned to have a handful of retail locations opened for Oct 17, 2018, the conservatives fucked things up and instead made the decision to wait until Oct 2019 for retail stores, or is it April 2019, or is that for edibles? It’s a fucking joke. I think Doug Ford smoked too much of the shit he was selling in high school. As someone that was interested in opening a retail location, as of today there is still not much information for those planning to go through the approval process in advance of the province making decisions on who can open shops in Ontario. Of course some of these delays are likely due to municipal governments that are still reviewing their options and trying to determine their rules for where shops can open, current by-laws need to be updated, new business classifications created, hearings with the public…. Things that they should have seen coming and planed for in advance. So much political bull shit to get sorted out, it will take years for things to get sorted out.

Considering that the world was watching as Canada is only the 2nd country to legalize cannabis I think our governments, form federal down to municipal, all came out looking bad. If you google How is cannabis legalization going in British Columbia, google’s results are all from Sept and earlier. Add a few filters and you start to get recent content concerning how things are post Oct 17, 2018.

BC has granted 1 private and 1 public license for retail sales

Alberta has issued 70 retail licenses.

In Ontario all shops one before Oct 17 had to close, they now have to wait to file an application and wait for it to be reviewed, then it’ll go to the municipality, who will review and decide, then eventually the person that submitted the application should hear the outcome, 18 months later. Basically, the business that have the experience are punished and if they opened after the 17th, they will never be granted a license. Due to the shortages at the OCS some of these retailers opened, now they are fucked.

Lets see what happens next month….

All information provided is sourced from around the WWW and while we try to verify everything it is important to understand that this information may be incorrect or incomplete.

We do not promote illegal use of cannabis. Please adhear to the laws in your area.

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