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When you infuse

THC Infusion Calculator

Infusion Calculator

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Now that you know how many mg of THC you require, get it, decarboxylate it, and infuse it into the medium used in your recipe.

For example if you are planning to make a green dragon using a 750 ml bottle of Vodka, that's 24 servings. If your target was 10 mg/serving multiply by the number of servings 24, that means you need 240 mg of THC. If your weed has a THC content of 15% then you need 1600 mg of cannabis, or 1.6 grams.

If you have some less potent weed and wanted to get the dose up to 15 mg/serving then it works out to 360 mg of THC for the bottle of Vodka, to get that you need 3600 mg (3.6 g) of cannabis to make the infusion.

For brownies, the recipe I found makes 16 servings, we'll go for 15mg/serving using that bud with 10% THC. That works out to 2.4 g of cannabis infused in the 1/2 cup of butter. I see lots of people using 1/3 oz or even 1/2 oz to 1/2 cup of butter. These end up being WAY too strong for light users. Avoid those green outs, snack safe.


  1. To use the calculator enter the desired dose size per serving in mg. 5 is good for new users, 15 may be good for experienced users.
  2. Enter the number of servings for your recipe
  3. Now provide the amount of THC for your weed as a percentage. Most will be between 10 and 20%
  4. You will now have a value in mg and oz for how much decarboxylated weed you need 

This is a very rough guideline only. The final amount of activated THC will depend on many factors. Always error on the side of caution, start with less.

Why is so little weed needed?

Because you don't waste as much THC in ingestibles vs smoking it. When you smoke a joint 50-75% of the material goes up in smoke, and before you get out the bong, it's less efficient as THC sticks to the bowl, stem, bong. Vaporizing is the most efficient way to ingest through inhalation.

Therefor a Joint rolled with 250mg of bud (1/4 g), when you smoke it you're only going to be able to absorb 12-25 mg of THC from the 50mg available. If you decarboxylate and eat that weed, you will be ingesting much closer to 50 mg of THC. Some may be lost during decarb, some may be lost during cooking.

When mixing with Alcohol remember that alcohol inhibits our ability to produce the proteins needed to breakdown cannabinoids. If you consume cannabinoids with alcohol the effects will last longer. If making a green dragon, be aware.

All information provided is sourced from around the WWW and while we try to verify everything it is important to understand that this information may be incorrect or incomplete.

We do not promote illegal use of cannabis. Please adhear to the laws in your area.

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