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The Latest Cannabis


The latest, most interesting (to us anyway) 420 news. We will search the inter-web daily for the lastest information about what's coming for October 2018 and beyond.

Lifetime Ban from US

For Canadians

In the wake of reports that the U.S. federal government plans to apply lifetime visitation bans on Canadians who use marijuana as well as those who work for or even just invest in cannabis businesses, a member of Congress is pressing the Trump administration for details on how it plans to enforce that policy.

Why there should be some concern

Idiots on weed
Legalization of weed has it's opponents and until recently I didn't understand why. Thanks to yet another weed wacko ignoring the warnings and 'best practices' when it comes to edibles, I must admit that like the warning on Preperation H that says "For external use only" there are some that shouldn't be allowed to interact with the general public or allowed to have access to anything stronger than Pepsi.

Cannabis Tourism

CTV News
The former dispensary owner anticipates an influx of visitors eager to try Canadian weed once recreational use is legalized Oct. 17, and is ...

Cannabis for Canines

CBC News
Canadian pets are a few steps closer to getting their paws on pot-based medical treatments in Canada as more cannabis companies research ...

Travel within Canada

Daily Hive
Crossing the Canadian border with cannabis, either entering or leaving, is illegal – and will stay that way come October 17. But what about ...

Mental Health

Rolling Stone

There’s a large body of research that has shown people who use marijuana also have an increased risk of developing schizophrenia, but scientists have struggled to find conclusive evidence that this correlation necessarily means causation. A new study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience and involving genetic data from the DNA ancestry database 23andMe, has confirmed that there is a “significant genetic correlation” that indicates the emergence of schizophrenia may lead to a greater probability of cannabis use.

Weed Work

Huffington Post
"Cannabis-related searches and job postings remain a small corner of the Canadian labour market, but they're growing rapidly," Indeed ...

Privacy & online sales

CBC News
A government agency called the Ontario Cannabis Store will run the online ... Personal data will remain in Canada and not be shared with third ...

Driving and weed

With just two months to go before recreational cannabis is legalized in Canada on Oct. 17, new data from the country's national statistics agency is stoking fears about drugged driving and raising questions about the ability of law enforcement officials to detect impairment.

Infused Beer

The Guardian reports that since marijuana legalization became official for our northern neighbors, brewers are getting serious about making beers with cannabis.

OCS Licensed Suppliers

CTV News

Ontario has signed supply agreements with six more licensed cannabis producers, bringing the total to 32, along with 10 accessories suppliers.

The deals were announced Wednesday (Sept 6, 2018) by the Ontario Cannabis Store, which will be selling pot online starting on Oct. 17 when recreational marijuana use is legalized.

Challenges and Opportunity

Recreational Cannabis

Canada’s impending legalization of recreational cannabis for adult use is finally imminent, but that doesn’t mean the country’s laws and regulations regarding the plant are set in stone.

Where's my weed?

A week after the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, most that ordered online are still waiting for their's to ship. It was widely speculated that there wasn't enough product ready to meet demand, my question is why did these online government run sites allow sales of something they no longer had? Sounds like poor customer service to me.

The real question is can a handful of very large commercial growers adjust their production schedules quickly enough to get the back orders taken care of while continuing to make new sales? I'm also curious to hear from those that have purchased legal weed. Is it worth the $15/gram? Second question, will you purchase buds from the OCS in the future or are you waiting for edibles in April?

Let us know what you think.


Cost of legal weed

The federal Liberals stated that legal weed would be sold for roughly $10 per gram. On the OCS site prices range from $8 to $15/gram taxes included. There is a flat $5.00 shipping fee, however as Canada Post is currently in a labour dispute expect that 5 days to be much longer.

As information is becoming available we will do our best to keep you informed. 

If you've ordered from OCS let us know how your experience went.

Breaking news....

As the October 17, 2018 was the birthdate for Legal Cannabis in Canada, how did the OCS do in it's first week? Not well according to consumers.

Take a look at the news feed below for the latest news, from Google News.

More news from across Canada

Cannabis News Canada by Google News

All information provided is sourced from around the WWW and while we try to verify everything it is important to understand that this information may be incorrect or incomplete.

We do not promote illegal use of cannabis. Please adhear to the laws in your area.

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