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Vaporizing vs Smoking

When it comes to using cannabis the most popular method for ingesting the weed is by rolling and smoking joints. The fact is smoking isn't good for you. Whether it's tobacco or cannabis, combustion creates chemicals that are just not good for your lungs. While edibles avoids the negatives associated with smoking, there are times when eating your weed isn't an option. When you eat weed, the cannabinoids are broken down by the liver, this can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours depending on a few factors. When you smoke the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream through your lungs an are felt almost immediately. When eating your weed effects last many hours, when smoking 40 minutes to 2 hours.

Vaporizing your weed, uses convection rather than combustion. This means that the herb is heated to a point where thc cannabinoids boil and are converted into vapor. THC has a very low boiling point, CBD is bit higher. When you vaporize hot air is used to extract the cannabinoids rather than direct heat or flame. This results in little to no smoke or particulates being inhaled. While reasonably efficient, you will get high, vaporizing doesn't use up all the goodness in that bud. The various temps needed to vaporize all the cannabinoids, and the time needed to get some of the compounds to boil, means that your vaped bud (AVB) has still got life left in it.

Vaporizer options

There are a lot of new devices coming to market every week and there are a few standbys that have been around for years. The grand-daddy is the Volcano [shown right]. This tabletop vaporizer uses mylar bags and a highly precise heating element with a blower to efficiently vaporize your weed. Add your weed to the bowl, pop on a bag and wait. The bag will fill up with light smoke/vapor over 10-20 seconds. You remove the bag and consume right away or you can cap it and use it later.

Portable dry herb vaporizers are starting to become more common as well. Better portable vaporizers will still use convection without the fan. When you suck on the pen you provide the air movement needed to get the heat to the herb. There are a number of different models available, hopefully over time we will have reviews to help you decide on which is best for you. The iShred have lots of great features, does a good job getting you high and the ABV leftovers are potent.

Different from dry herb vaporizers are the pens that use e-liquid, similar to e-cigarettes. Some also allow you to smoke concentrates like shatter. These options are the most popular in States that have already legalized this is the most popular vape option. The smoke when using e-liquid or concentrates is thick and tasty without the other chemicals you inject burning plant matter. These are closest to smoking a joint. Dry herb vaporizers have little to no smell or visible smoke. making them very easy to use covertly. 

The Mighty 90


Yocan 2 in 1

All information provided is sourced from around the WWW and while we try to verify everything it is important to understand that this information may be incorrect or incomplete.

We do not promote illegal use of cannabis. Please adhear to the laws in your area.

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